In Zoombang jerseys it is good to notice that you should take one size larger than you would normally use. As we are using technical jerseys, those are tighter than normal t-shirt for example. Also pads make jerseys a bit tighter. So if you use M size in t-shirts, choose L in Zoombang. If you are unsecure about the size, do not hesitate to contact us before making an order so we can measure right size together. You can call us +358 400 664 283 or send an email to marko.vuorela@zoombang.fi

Our jerseys and pants can be machine washed in max 40 C degrees but do not tumble dry. Just hang to dry after washing.

Jerseys and pants are 80% polyester and 20% spandex.

Size chart

Size chart for men´s pants. Please measure waist. Our products are made of flexible material so in this chart you will find the right size for this gap of waist measure.  


Youth M 66-69 cm

Youth L 71-74 cm

Adult S 74-79 cm

Adult M 79-86 cm

Adult L 86-94 cm

Adult XL 94-104 cm

Adult XXL 104-112 cm

Adult XXXL 112-119 cm


Size chart for jerseys

Chest measure. Check the measure of chest by placing the measure under the arms and ask the person you are measuring to inhale and hold breath for a moment. This is to guarantee best result. Note that we have 10% spandex in our jerseys so those are quite flexible. That is why also the chart has wide range. Shirt should be quite tight fit, so the pads will stay on their place.

Normally you need L size jersey if your t-shirt size is M.


Youth S 66-69 cm

Youth M 71-76 cm

Youth L 79-81 cm

Adult S 81-90 cm

Adult M 90-97 cm

Adult L 97-104 cm

Adult XL 104-112 cm

Adult XXL 112-120 cm

Adult XXXL 120-127 cm


Women´s skating pants size chart.

Measure waist from about 10cm above your hip area. Our material is flexible so in these charts you will see the size when pants are in normal situation. So those flex from these measures quite a bit. If you feel unsecure about the right size, please send us an email or call us so we can measure and choose the right size together.


Skating pants size chart (inches) 

Youth S 50 cm (20")

Youth M 56 cm (22")

Youth L 60 cm (24")

Adult S 66 cm (26")

Adult M 71 cm (28")

Adult L 81 cm (32")

Adult XL 91 cm (36")

Skating pants have leg pant 4" = 10 cm