Protective Gear Finland Oy is an official representative of Zoombang Protective Gear in Finland, Europe and Russia. Company was founded 2011. The owner and the CEO of the company is Marko Vuorela.

Our Mission is to give every athlete a possibility to train and compete in their sports without unnecessary risks and give them the best protection available to avoid injuries. If you are professional athlete or just playing for fun, we provide you with the best possible protection. It is our mission to minimize all injuries in sports. Our motto has been for years "to protect is cheaper than rehab", and in our daily job we keep this in mind both in prizing of our products as well as keeping the quality of the product in such high level that also best athletes turn to us when they need protection from impacts. It is an honor to work with top ice hockey players and goalies in NHL, KHL as well as in European Leagues. It has been quite a journey throughout the 10 years to achieve the trust of the players and Equipment Managers and we are proud to see our products on the players.

Our latest innovation is in Horse Racing vest/jersey. In April 2021 we also received CE certificate EN-13158 for this product and already all the top drivers and riders use our vests in these sports. Feedback has been phenomenal and we keep inventing new products for every sports where protection from impacts is needed.

Zoombang technology

1. Zoombang is soft at rest

2. Upon impact Zoombang stiffens and locks to a solid like state providing maximum protection!

3. Immediately after the impact the material returns to its soft/fluid state.

Our technology is a complex combination of material engineering and encapsulating methods that result in the perfect pad for each application.

There are several factors that we control and combine to achieve our goal: The type of polymer we use, its viscosity and its composition, the type of encapsulating agent, the thickness of the pad, the way we apply it to garments or other subtracts. But our main element is our polymer.

We call our polymer Zoombang®. Generally speaking, a polymer is a chemical compound that has a base unit that repeats many times. The polymer in Zoombang® padding is also referred to as a Shear Thickening substance. The shear thickening property is one of the key attributes that allow our pads to react to energy the way they do, which is to stiffen in proportion to the energy applied.

So, what does shear thickening mean? It refers to a material’s “stiffening” response to a shear stress, or force, which in our case can occur as shock, vibration, or g-force side loads.

In materials that behave this way the mechanism behind it is shear induced ordering. A common misnomer for shear thickening is dilatant. They are used interchangeably in common use but mean different things to rheologists (the folks who study these things). Dilatant materials (in the classical definition) are typically powders that under shear change their volume.

We also refer to our shear thickening polymer as a Viscoelastic polymer. OK, so what exactly is Viscoelastic? Viscoelasticity is a term used to describe a material that exhibits both viscous (or flow) and elastic properties. Viscosity is a measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow and is often characterized by how “thick” a fluid is. Elasticity is the measure of a material’s “springiness.” Like a tight bed spring, a highly elastic material is difficult to stretch and will “spring” back to its original shape much more forcefully than a weak spring like those found in a ball point pen.

The combined properties of the Polymer/Shear Thickening/Viscoelastic material, result in new type of protection that will react to the environment around whatever it is protecting. At rest Zoombang® will simply conform to the exact shape of whatever it is supporting. Add energy, in the form of shock, and the material will instantly stiffen.