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Zoombang protects your body from impact!

Zoombang® Protective Gear™ was developed through a collaborative effort with some of the most respected professional trainers, equipment managers and athletes.

The unique ability for Zoombang® polymers to react in direct proportion to applied energy sets it apart from all other traditional padded materials. Zoombang® polymers, being fluid-like at rest, will easily conform to the individual player’s anatomy and help fill voids between the athlete and traditional hard shell equipment. The result is an overall equipment fit that was previously impossible to achieve.

  • Dissipates more energy than foams and gels – up to 80%
  • 40% lighter than gels
  • Soft at rest yet instantly stiffens upon impact 
  • Dramatically improves the fit and comfort of traditional pads
  • Exceeds NFHS specifications


For over 15 years, patented polymers by Zoombang™ have been protecting athletes, soldiers, law enforcement and industrial workers worldwide. As one of the first padded compression shirts used the NFL and NHL, our protection is legendary. The science behind Zoombang’s technology is a complex combination of material engineering and encapsulating methods that result in the perfect pad for each application. Products utilizing the Zoombang polymer represent the next generation of protection as our polymers react to direct contact and redistribute the stress of the force, reducing the force of an impact.

1. Zoombang is soft at rest

2. Upon impact Zoombang stiffens and locks to a solid like state providing maximum protection!

3. Immediately after the impact the material returns to its soft/fluid state.

Protective Gear Finland Oy is the official representative of Zoombang brand in Europe. Zoombang is company from USA that is specialized in sports and military protection gear.

Instead of being a normal sports store , we are representatives of the factory so we do not have seasonal sales, black friday offers or expo special prices. We always sell our product with the lowest possible price through our webstore.