Horse Racing

Zoombang jerseys for harness racing are designed together with a Finnish star driver Hannu Torvinen. Our goal was to design a vest/jersey for drivers that would fit perfectly and at the same time give maximum protection. Our jerseys are also very popular in all horse racing sports.

Our jerseys have CE-certification EN-13158, so those can be used in harness racing as protective vests.


If you are placing an order outside of EU, or you are ordering using a company VAT code, please do not order through our web store. Instead send us an email to address marko.vuorela@zoombang.fi, so we can send you an invoice with VAT 0%. We will ship your products as soon as we have received payment of the product and shipping costs.

Shortage of products 11.9.2021

Please note that due to high demand of these products, we have sold out all sizes and models. It will take 2-3 weeks before we have some more stock. Sorry about this! You can send us an email and make preorder, so we will ship to you as soon as we have more jerseys incoming. marko.vuorela@zoombang.fi