Protective Gear Finland Oy is an official representative of Zoombang Protective Gear in Finland, Europe and Russia. Company was founded 2011 so this year we celebrate 10 years of protecting athletes. Company owner and CEO is Marko Vuorela.

Protective Gear Finland Oy also represents Liiga Sport Wear sports clothing in greater Helsinki area. 

Our Mission is to give every athlete a possibility to train and compete in their sports without unnecessary risks and give them the best protection available to avoid injuries. If you are professional athlete or just playing for fun, we provide you with the best possible protection. It is our mission to minimize all injuries in sports. Our motto has been for years "to protect is cheaper than rehab", and in our daily job we keep this in mind both in prizing of our products as well as keeping the quality of the product in such high level that also best athletes turn to us when they need protection from impacts. It is an honor to work with top ice hockey players and goalies in NHL, KHL as well as in European Leagues. It has been quite a journey throughout the 10 years to achieve the trust of the players and Equipment Managers and we are proud to see our products on the players.

Our latest innovation is in Harness Racing. In April 2021 we also received CE certificate EN-13158 for this product and already all the top drivers use our vests in this sports. Feedback has been phenomenal and we keep inventing new products for every sports where protection from impacts is needed.